Most people tend to have their own aesthetic that they feel comfortable with but rarely is anyone aware of it. Some of our favorite aesthetics have their roots in our childhood, others come from movies we admire, music we listen to, or books we read. Often these aesthetics evoke a certain feeling in us, which can be tranquility, warmth, happiness, nostalgia, and other feelings that we like and want to experience on a regular basis. 

Not only do people have their own aesthetics that they like and adore, but they also have a unique feeling that corresponds to an aesthetic that is different for each person. 

We, the team at The Other Aesthetic, embarked on a journey of self-discovery to find our own aesthetic and stumbled trying to implement it in our lives.

Even after finding our favorite aesthetic, we struggled to find products that fit not only our aesthetic, but also our home, our life, and our budget.

I myself became aware of the aesthetic after being inspired by numerous posts on social media about Harry Potter and the dark academy aesthetic, wondering why they are so appealing and make me feel comfortable. After a quick search and several “what is my aesthetic?” quizzes, I decided to decorate my home more and more in the dark academia style. After talking with others, we realized that I wasn’t the only one going through this process and struggling with it.  

The results showed that designing your own space with the aesthetic you want can be a very complex and difficult subject for an untrained eye. We were overwhelmed by the flood of media on Pinterest and, at the same time, not creative enough to translate the same feel and decor into our homes. Can you imagine how many ways there are to use  fairy lights? We can tell you that there are a lot.

It was not only time-consuming but also exhausting to go through all the Pinterest boards and home decor stores to find suitable products, but why?

Traditional home decor stores tend to focus on current trends and seasonal events, preferring to sell simple products to ensure they meet the tastes of most customers. That’s why you can often find simple designs and a small color palette, making it impossible to create the ideal home. 

At The Other Aesthetic, we believe that creating one’s ideal aesthetic home should be a given. We would rather focus on how each person can feel comfortable within their own aesthetic than offer products that fit everyone’s tastes. 

That’s why we set out to find a solution and think about how we can successfully decorate a space according to a specific aesthetic. How we can offer a variety of products for different aesthetics without breaking the bank and create a solution that is sustainable in the long run. That’s how we came up with The Other Aesthetic. 

In order to offer a wide range of products for each aesthetic we source our products from all over the world. We contact various manufacturers and sellers, mainly small business owners. We always make sure that you have all the necessary and accurate information before you make a purchase. You will also see the original pictures of the products we offer in our shop.  In order to offer a working distribution system, our warehouse is located in China. China is known for its excellent connection with other countries. This allows us to ship the products quickly and almost worldwide. After your order arrives in our warehouse, we perform a proper quality inspection to make sure you receive the right products and avoid receiving damaged items. 

Our launching team was composed of four people living in the Philippines, China and Germany, united by our love for interior design and aesthetics.

We want to help like-minded people and others to design their dream space and live by the aesthetics they love with ease and without hustle. Romanticizing their life. 

After all, we only live once, so why not make it as beautiful as possible.