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Art Hoe Room Decor
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“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
― Vincent van Gogh



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Visual art and nature are the two founding pillars behind the art hoe movement. While art is inherently found in any place, it’s hard to feel more at one with nature without stepping outside. But for the sake of the art hoe look, netizens have found a way to harmonize these two loves and incorporate them into home design. And if you’re looking to achieve this harmony yourself, you’ll definitely want to learn all the basics of art hoe room decor.
What is the art hoe aesthetic?
The art hoe movement, much like many contemporary aesthetics, originated online. It is based on a love of art, a deep connection to nature, and most commonly represented with paintings and flowers. Although it entails a few generic elements, the art hoe look is quite recognizable, when you know what to look for.

Classical or nature-themed paintings, leaf garlands, fine art stationery, polaroid pictures. All these objects tend to inhabit an art hoe aesthetic bedroom. But you should remember that the landscape this movement is painting goes way beyond what meets the eye.
What does art hoe room decor entail?
Do you remember art class when you were a kid? Most of us are first taught about the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. And it is no coincidence that these tend to be the typical accent colors in an art hoe aesthetic bedroom. With, of course, green playing a big part as well, through their altars to nature. Otherwise, walls tend to be white or light beige, almost serving as a canvas to the artist.


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The walls will almost always feature eternalized memories in the form of polaroids, miniature masterpieces printed as postcards, and drawings depicting dreamy literature characters or worlds that can only be dreamed off. Because the art hoe is, above all, a dreamer. And if they happen to enjoy music just as much as they do visual art, you may also note vinyl records and band posters, all tastefully arranged to create a mosaic of culture.

Flowers or any other depictions of the outdoors are welcome motifs. Those who are too caught up in their creative ventures may opt for succulents or cacti, the most resilient and low-maintenance plants. Cataloged leaves or butterflies in the form of academic posters are a splendid way to take up some vertical space. And floral bedding, of course, so the art hoe may drift to sleep in a meadow of their own.

This home should be inviting like summer, as invigorating as a gallery, and as cluttered as a thrift shop. Finding art hoe room decor items to help you achieve this is easy, most of the time you may use stuff you already own. Bright old skool Vans and Converse shoes can double as decor. You may also use your palettespaintbrushes, and colored pencils to fill up the space. Astrology and tarot elements make for the best art hoe paintings – and they can become a fun hobby, too.
Art Hoe room décor in a nutshell:

Keep your walls light as a canvas;
Decorate that canvas with creative representations of nature, music, and art;
Accents of red, blue, and especially yellow are appreciated;
Pick out floral or nature-themed bedding;
Bring in some flowers or plants (succulents or cactus work, too);
Have your art, whatever it may be, on display;
Remember that there is no better Art Hoe room decor than one that shows you are.