Light Academia Room Decor
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Light Academia Room Decor
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“For the ink is the same each day –
but the words are blooming in colorscolours no one has ever seen; for my words are flowers, and your love is a garden.”
— Laura Chouette


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Fancy drinking tea while marvelling at how a romantic Shakespeare story unfolds? Or stamping your wax-sealed letters while listening to Mozart’s piece? For those who desire the old light and scholarly atmosphere of the West, the light academia aesthetic might best resonate with your soul. The idea of college-level studies gets splendid when the elegance of medieval European universities enter the scene. And to emulate a similar feel in your own abode, there’s light academia room decor that’s suited to your refined taste.
What is the light academia aesthetic?
The sophisticated romanticization of old European collegiate life is the essence of the light academia aesthetic. As the direct counterpart of dark academia, light academia is also marked by an undying love for knowledge and insight through scholarly endeavors. Both types of the academia aesthetic are also inspired by the elegant environment of well-known Western universities. However, what sets the lighter version apart from its gloomy sibling is its emphasis on learning and discovery towards love, happiness, peace, and appreciation of life.

Enthusiasts of classic literature, music, art, and history are often drawn towards the light academia aesthetic. Victorian, Renaissance, and Baroque features essentially constitute light academia, but more modern and minimalist features in light or neutral tones have become a prominent part of the aesthetic across all departments.
What does light academia room decor entail?
There’s no need to construct a Corinthian column or heighten your ceiling just to display the beauty of light academia. From the name itself, all you need is a light, calm, and positive atmosphere that will mark your erudition or fancy for knowledge. High ceilings and huge narrow windows such as those in old European apartments or universities are highly preferred, but your room is on the right track as long as there’s plenty of natural light.


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To further manifest the ‘light’ in light academia, your room should be overwhelmed by pale or neutral colors like white, beige, cream, light brown, and other similar hues. You can also incorporate pastels to add variety to your room. For amplified elegance, choose gold to accent your wooden furniture, wall decor, and other antique trinkets.

Creating that needed scholarly atmosphere can be easy if you have old hardcover books within your reach. You can fill your bookshelves with thick novels and academic texts along with antique decor like a globe, hourglass, spectacles, and other related items. Torn book pages, scribbled notes, and photographs in sepia will also occupy your wainscoted wall along with gilded paintings inspired by the Renaissance or Baroque periods.

Your room will need to have a study area to qualify as light academia. When picking furniture, always choose Victorian or vintage-inspired ones made out of wood like oak and walnut. Decorate your wooden desk with a candelabrum, gilded mirror, fountain or dip pen, and other relevant items that you can borrow from the ethereal and vintage aesthetics. You can also put a dainty flower vase with dried plants, a marble statuette of an ancient philosopher or god, and a roman numeral clock.

Overall, as long as an item looks classic, scholarly, and elegant, it qualifies for the light academia aesthetic. It’s a bonus if it’s something that resonates better with the positivity and calmness of light academia. Old Parisian cafés, museums, art galleries, apartments, and universities in general can be your inspiration to channel the light academia aesthetic.
Light academia bedroom ideas summarized:

Let natural light illuminate your room;
Implement light and/or neutral hues like cream, beige, and white
Add a touch of wood, marble, and gold using your furniture and room decor;
Fill your bookshelves with old hardcover novels, dictionaries, and encyclopedias;
Display antique items like a fountain or dip pen, typewriter, gramophone, and other trinkets;
Draw inspiration from Victorian, Renaissance, Baroque, and other old European visuals