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Tropical Room Decor
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“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.” 
– Sandy Gingras


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For those who desire a break from the hustle and bustle of modern living, a tropical scene overlooking the waves might just be your go-to. But who says you have to wait until summer to have a chance at beach life? At the comfort of your own room, the tropical aesthetic will allow you to replicate the fun of a much-awaited summer vacation in a tropical island. Imagine lush palm trees, warm sand, and the waves of the sea as you turn your space into a refreshing paradise through tropical room decor.
What is the tropical aesthetic?
Living the tropical aesthetic is imagining yourself on a vacation in a tropical island surrounded by the waves, sand, and nature, in general. It is accompanied by the typical high summer spirit as well as the tranquility of island living. As most vacations are perceived, the tropical aesthetic is an escape from reality, marked by modest living by the beach and spontaneous fun under the sun. Hawaii, Maldives, Barbados, the Bahamas and other top summer destinations are the usual inspirations of the tropical aesthetic’s energetic visuals.

Bright yet natural hues like blue, yellow, green, and brown constitute a signature tropical palette. As for the hobbies, enthusiasts of this summery motif typically enjoy swimming, fishing, surfing, sunbathing, and boating. Think of palm trees, starfishes, Monstera plants, and bamboo huts when it comes to the tropical aesthetic. You can also draw some vital inspiration from the visuals of movies like Cast Away and Moana.
What does tropical room decor entail?
Exhibiting the refreshing vibe of the tropical aesthetic encourages an affinity for a simple lifestyle, slightly similar to how resourceful humans can get when stranded on a desert island for survival. Of course, living in a bamboo hut and crafting items out of scratch are not mandatory. However, the essence of tropical room decor lies in raw and/or natural elements with almost no mark of modernization.


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As a starting point, natural lighting, especially tropical sunlight, should be your best friend. Wide open windows are highly preferred along with sheer and wispy curtains that dance with the wind. If natural light is sparse, fairy lights, woven lampshades, and candles can give a warm mood especially at night.

For the items that will fill up your little paradise, choose vivid summery colors like blue, green, yellow, brown, and white that resonate with nature. Other pops of color like pink, orange, and red are also welcomed to diversify the palette. After all, there are lots of bright-colored flowers like Hibiscus from tropical islands.

Make use of raw materials like wood, leaves, straw, stones, and sea shells—whether for furniture or straight-up decor. Used coconut shells, old fabrics, wooden signages, and various woven goods like baskets are some decorative items that give a crafty natural vibe whilst being resourceful. Still, surfboards, oars, message bottles, plastic flamingos, faux starfishes, and island souvenirs like keychains are some slightly modern decors that are also suitable.

Last but not the least, plants or plant-inspired items should be seen in your room. Tapestries, beddings, and wall art with plants like palm trees, Monstera, and colorful flowers are extremely popular for a fool-proof tropical vibe. And speaking of flowers, Hawaiian leis are also visually stimulating trinkets. In addition, you won’t go wrong with fruits like mangoes, watermelons, and pineapples to remind you of the sweetness of tropical island living.

Tips to channel the perfect tropical bedroom:

Let the warm afternoon sunlight illuminate your room;
Implement natural colors like blue, green, yellow, and brown;
Invest in native materials like straw, wood, stones, shells, ropes, and thin fabrics;
Rely on tropical indoor plants, preferably with green leaves and bright-colored flowers;
For beddings and tapestries, opt for ones with a leaf or floral print;
Display wooden signages, Hawaiian leis, coconuts, sea shells, surfboards, flamingos, and similar items that remind you of island living