Goblincore Room Decor
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Goblincore Room Decor
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“Orcs live in caves. Goblins live in shadows. It’s the pain of distance versus the pain of proximity.”
― Jeff Mach



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Goblincore is perhaps one of the most interestingly named aesthetics there is. It is deeply rooted in the appreciation of everything natural that isn’t necessarily deemed beautiful. Unpopular animals like frogs or snails, unconventional flora like mushrooms and moss. The ugliness of these is mirrored by the image of the goblin itself. And so is goblincore room decor, a comfortable aesthetic for those who favor the underappreciated.
What is the goblincore aesthetic?
The goblincore aesthetic stands out for its earthy tones. It’s an ode to fungi, amphibians, unruly weeds, and even mud. These normally unappreciated things match the depiction of goblins, as per European folklore representations. A carefree creature, infatuated with ugly natural motifs and any shiny objects.

The goblincore decor aesthetic is especially popular among members of the LGBTQ+ community. Non-binary, transgender, and demigender people particularly relate to what the goblin figure stands for and take comfort in this aesthetic. But anyone who enjoys collecting trinkets and earthy tones is welcome to try their hand at goblincore room decor.
What does goblincore room decor look like?
Goblincore can be surprisingly cute and cozy. The upside to finding beauty in the unexpected is that one can easily create their comfy corner with goblincore decor. And all it takes is to draw inspiration from nature.


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Earthy tones like dark browns and foliage greens perfectly complement one another. You may use these for your walls, your bedding, and pretty much anything else you would like. Yelloworange, and beige work just as well. The rule of thumb is: if it’s a color you’d find in a pumpkin patch, then it likely belongs in your goblincore aesthetic bedroom.

Decorate with fairy lights, leaf garlands, and wooden objects. You may also hang posters with natural motifs, like mushrooms, moths, flowers, and toads. Burn some scented candles, preferably those reminiscent of forest scents. And although the season that best matches the aesthetic is fall, you should try to go with more of an evergreen vibe. So don’t be afraid to stock up on plants or plant-themed decorations.

Lastly, but perhaps more importantly, it is standard for goblincore room decor to keep clutter collectionsPocket watches, keys, gems, jewelry, and pretty much anything else that can reflect light off of it. After all, goblins will always treasure their “shinies”.
Goblincore décor in a nutshell:

Paint your walls in tones of green or brown;
Use plants and foliage themes heavily;
Hang botanical posters or framed collections;
Warm-toned fairy lights can make up for the lack of natural lighting;
Candles are also a great source of warm light;
Have your trinkets on display, particularly your most treasured ones.