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Baddie Room Decor
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“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”
— Katharine Hepburn



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Being a baddie doesn’t automatically make you a bad girl. Sometimes baddies are wonderful girls, who just happen to be empowered and find confidence in their attractiveness. But how can a beauty concept that originated on social media translate into interior design? Well, sit tight and read on, because today we’re sharing our best baddie room ideas.
What is the baddie aesthetic?
To become a baddie, one must combine popular archetypes of beauty with a fierce persona. The baddie aesthetic itself is associated with Instagram, influencer models, and beauty gurus on YouTube. And while makeup, hair, and clothes play a big part, there’s a bold and somewhat edgy personality that tends to go with it.

Picture a bad Barbie, one that is still conventionally beautiful but doesn’t quite act with the etiquette and decorum that one would expect. But the taste for extravagance and luxury is still there.
What does baddie room decor entail?
A key point in the baddie aesthetic has to do with visual expression. And when it comes to baddie decor, this can be achieved through the right color palette, display of prevalent motifs, and eye-catching objects.

Pinks and reds are the best accent colors. Why not paint the walls or accent your room in a way that matches your lipstick and nails? Neutrals like black, grey, white, and beige are also good additions. Especially as they wouldn’t clash with the bright main colors.


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Mirrors and neon lights can truly accent that edgy persona. Just like an influencer’s light ring! But for bedding, go with lighter colors and a faux fur throw, to soften up the harshness of other statement decor items. Glass or transparent items can also be muted while bringing in some of that lavishness that’s so typical of baddie room decor. And posters, postcards, and fairy lights are good ways to dress up your walls. You could even use polaroids of your own – just go with what suits you best!

As for the finishing touches, you could incorporate imageries of money, jewels, and fashion accessories. And a baddie aesthetic room is not truly complete without a fake pink gun, pink lighter, or a sparkly tiara. Make use of any and all baddie room ideas that will radiate the feel of a princess gone bad.
Baddie room ideas summarized:

Pink is the queen color, followed closely by red;
But keep most of the room neutral in color;
Fairy lights, fun posters, and polaroids dress up the walls;
Makeup and money motifs bring in that luxury feel;
Light faux fur items can be soft without compromising edginess;
LED mirrors will have you feeling like an influencer in your own right;
Accessories are great, but make sure the color palette is balanced.