Space & Galaxy Room Decor
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Space & Galaxy Room Decor

“As I lay there, listening to the soft slap of the sea, and thinking these sad and strange thoughts, more and more and more stars had gathered obliterating the separateness of the Milky Way and filling up the whole sky.”
― Iris Murdoch 


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Ever dreamed of being an astronaut for NASA as a child? Fortunately, exploring the vastness of outer space gets closer to reality through galaxycore, an aesthetic that marks space enthusiasts. If you fancy gazing at the stars in the pitch black sky or discovering what daunting phenomena lie within a black hole, you may be part of the people who appreciate the infinite mysteries of the universe. And this enigmatic yet stellar atmosphere is something you can exhibit in your abode through signature galaxycore room decor.
What is the galaxycore aesthetic?
The galaxycore aesthetic revolves around cosmic bodies such as the sun, moon, stars, galaxies, and the rest of the universe. Under its retro notes, the motif emits a futuristic yet exploratory vibe that dwells on galactic enigma and the infiniteness of the universe. Apart from interstellar phenomena, space technologies like rockets, UFOs, and telescopes also constitute galaxycore.

Galaxycore is also known as spacecore, astrocore, and cosmicore with its outer space features. It also borrows some essential elements from the glowwave aesthetic due to its reliance on bright objects amidst the stygian blackness of space.
What does galaxycore room decor entail?
Space enthusiasts can live like they’re in an edgy science fiction with imitable galaxycore room decor. Funnily, it’s not ‘rocket science’ to give your room a signature space look. Rooms with zero to minimal natural light will perfectly channel the galaxycore aesthetic because of its dominant dark hues. With colors like black, blue, indigo, purple, and magenta, you can create a cool and futuristic atmosphere no matter how masculine or feminine your style is.


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As earlier said, you can take inspiration from glowwave and retro-futurism. Truth be told, nothing gives a more dedicated and unforgettable display of outer space than retro interpretations. You can emulate this feel by relying on LED neon lights in pink, purple, or blue. Globes, telescopes, rockets, satellites, sky charts, and UFO-like objects also make an excellent display of galaxycore. You can also hang up posters of your favorite Sci-Fi movie franchises and exhibit your Star Wars Lego sets. Once done, your room will definitely have a feel of alien life in it.

Of course, to complete the classic intergalactic interior, you need to mark your room with cosmic elements like the sun, moon, stars, planets, nebulae, and many others. You can either use glow-in-the-dark star stickers for your wall and ceiling or a star projector to transform your room into a planetarium. You can also invest in common galaxy patterns as textiles to amplify the galaxycore atmosphere. If you happen to be a fan of astrology as well, you can further channel this aesthetic by featuring constellations.

In general, you just have to give your room a dim, edgy, and mysterious vibe. Think of your lighting as the diffuse glow of the stars light years away from your abode, while other celestial objects fill up your tiny version of outer space.
Tips to channel the perfect galaxycore room aesthetic:

Invite a dark and futuristic feel by opting for artificial lighting such as LED neon strip lights;
Display glow-in-the-dark wall art, signages, and trinkets;
Use galaxy or cosmic patterns for bed covers and tapestry;
Turn your walls and ceiling into a starry spectacle using a planetarium projector;
Feature random constellations or that corresponding to your zodiac sign;
Favor celestial elements like the sun, moon, stars, etc.