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Cottagecore Room Decor
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“When nighttime came, the rocking chairs creaked. Waves lulled the girl and her cottage to sleep.”
― Kelly Jordan



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Who knew that a rural lifestyle could be romanticized? The Cottagecore aesthetic is precisely the glorification of living a simple life, surrounded by nature. Although it may entail activities such as baking, gardening, and flower picking, most people favor it for the visuals. There’s no denying that envisioning a life in a cottage overlooking a meadow or the mountains is peaceful. But you can emulate just that simply by knowing how to utilize cottagecore room decor.
What is the cottagecore aesthetic?
The cottagecore aesthetic is a modern interpretation of agricultural life. It romanticizes a lifestyle that is grounded in self-sufficiency. Nature plays a big part in it, as cottagecore is often associated with the scenic English countryside landscapes. It’s supposed to give off a cozy feel, just how living in harmony with nature is often portrayed in movies and TV.

The term originated online, and much like most aesthetics, it is quite prevalent in social media. Curiously, it seems to be most popular with lesbian communities. But there are many others who also relish the tranquility of its motifs.
What is cottagecore room decor supposed to be like?
Just because you might not live in a cottage, it doesn’t mean you can’t reproduce the atmosphere through cottagecore room decor. Considering that this aesthetic is greatly influenced by nature, you might assume that filling up your bedroom with plants and flowers might be the way to go. But you’d assume wrong. After all, that is rarely the case for anyone who happens to live in an actual cottage.


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You might want to take inspiration from Romantic and Victorian interiorsWoody browns and colorful pastels can help set the mood. And natural lighting, the more the better. As cottagecore images are mostly set in spring or summer, you’ll definitely want the room to feel warm.

And if you happen to not be the best baker, fear not. You don’t need to showcase freshly baked pies and royalty-worthy high tea spreads. Stick to the basics, like cozy quilts, a nice tea set (scones optional), and a quaint floral arrangementLinens are of course largely appreciated in any farmhouse-inspired interiors. Yet if you feel like adding a splash of color, you can always invest in some gingham textiles.

As for the perfect cottagecore bedroom decor, sometimes neat stacks of books and a handful of houseplants might just do the trick. Hang up charming paintings of dreamy landscapes as a way to bring the outdoors in. And of course, anything with produce or animal motifs is very welcome as well.
Final tips for your cottagecore room decor:

Make the room appear warm by inviting natural lighting in;
Use linens and gingham patterns;
Take inspiration from English symbols, like tea and literature;
Favor woody browns, foliage greens, and flowery pastels;
Display a flower arrangement or any plants you’d like;
Animals, fruits, and veggies can help bring that farm feel to life.