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Witchcore Room Decor
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“The moon has awoken with the sleep of the sun.
The light has been broken, the spell has begun.”
— Midgard Morningstar

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Some people say that there is at least a little bit of a witch in all of us. In fictional depictions, witches are wicked in nature, devotees of darkness, and inclined to wield magic to bind something for eternity. However, there are a few who are more expressive of their love for witchcraft simply through their appreciation for its overall vibe and atmosphere. Fortunately, witchcore is an aesthetic that thrives on these mysterious qualities. And to emulate a witch’s lair in your space, witchcore room decor is here for you.
What is the witchcore aesthetic?
The witchcore aesthetic emphasizes witchcraft and its accompanying cryptic elements like potions, crystals, animals, and nature, in general. It thrives on creating an eerie atmosphere filled with energy, magic, and desire to discover the unknown. Witchcore is primarily composed of darker hues like black, green, orange, and purple to display its affinity with the dark supernatural side. And unlike what many would think, the aesthetic is more than just an extension of Halloween with its extremely detailed and dedicated features.

Witchcore borrows some of its integral elements from cottagecore and goblincore, such as the latter aesthetics’ penchant for plants and wooden items. Apart from these, magic wands, grimoires, brooms, glass bottles, animals, insects, and other spooky elements constitute the vibe of witchcore. While the existence of witches and magic remains uncertain, the rest of the enigmatic attributes of witchcore draw the aesthetic closer to reality.
What does witchcore room decor entail?
You can transform your bedroom into a witch’s hut or tower straight from a fantasy movie through witchcore room decor. First things first, your room should be overwhelmed with dark and dull hues like black, brown, green, orange, and purple to channel the Halloween atmosphere. To play the part, witches must avoid abundant natural light and instead resort to wax candles and faint fairy lights to bring some brightness. Accents of gold also wouldn’t hurt along with glass and mirrors.

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Natural elements make up a large part of your witchcore-inspired bedroom. With that, make sure to fill the room with potted plants, vines, fresh or dried flowers, moss, succulents, herbs, and other green plants. Mushrooms also give a connotation of magic, pixies, and poison so you can involve these elements. Wooden furniture like desks, dressers, and bookshelves are also highly welcomed to create that rustic feel.

And speaking of bookshelves, a witch shouldn’t fall short of antiquated reference books for her spells and rituals. Worn-out almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and most importantly, grimoires, should be seen in your room along with ragged sepia notes and journals. Tapestries involving zodiac signs, constellations, pentagrams, and Latin phrases would also be great additions to your space.

For concocting potions and deadly mixtures, you should display flasks, tubes, and other archaic laboratory glassware of various shapes and sizes together with cork seals. Black clay pots are also preferred for the classic witch vibe. If you want to go an extra mile, fill these bottles with artificially colored water and drop some fake creatures and/or their body parts like butterfly wings, frogs, insects, and creepy eyeballs. Crystals like quartz, jade, amethyst, and obsidian are also fantastic trinkets for your desk as well as tarot cards.

Lastly, complete the atmosphere of your witchcore bedroom with a traditional incense or aromatic diffuser to create cryptic smoke. Fragrances are not exactly essential, but it supplements the idea of potion-making in your little abode.

All in all, give your witch-inspired space its much-needed spooky atmosphere with any odd, symbolic, and/or archaic trinkets and elements that let it resonate with the otherworldly side. The combination of nature and magic is your stylistic guide to channel the perfect witchcore bedroom.
Tips to create the perfect witchcore bedroom:

Illuminate the space with faint dispersed candles and/or fairy lights;
Fill the room with herbs, succulents, dried flowers, and other green plants;
Display archaic laboratory items like glass tubes, flasks, beakers, and other bottles (preferably with matching corks);
Use crystals, gems, and other precious stones with special magical properties for display;
Exhibit skull figurines, fake frogs, and butterflies sealed in bottles on your shelves
Rely on thrifted wood furniture that looks antique and/or worn-out;
Make use of incense, scented diffusers, and other aromatic items that emit smoke for a creepy atmosphere