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Abstract Mirror with Wooden Base


I am happy with my order thanks :)

U shaped glasses

Beautiful glasses and amazing customer service

Hi Shalom,

Thank you for letting us know about this. Of course, it should not have happened that the glasses you received would be differently shaped than what was intended. We apologize for the situation and for experiencing this.

We are curious about what the item you received looks like. Our support will reach out to you shortly to assist you in getting a solution to your problem. Please check your email, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu Team

Great product

This is the coolest ashtray I've ever owned.

Nice selection.

Good quality, fair prices and excellent customer service. Shipping can take sometime but all worth the wait.

First time purchaser

Very cute and stylish frame and shipping didn't take too long. Thank you to the company for sending multiple tracking updates for the shipment and my only advice for future buyers is to go over the measurements!

Really cute.

It's smaller than I thought it would be, but it is good quality and really cute. This was priced much cheaper than competitors.


I had seen these around before and wanted to add one to my desktop. The pastel blue goes great with the rest of my blue aesthetic accessories! Great for putting things in for quick access ^^

Not as good as the original

Being honest, this is a knockoff of the one sold at Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately that one is dishwasher and microwave safe and this is not plus the design is a bit off so I was pretty disappointed but the sellers were kind enough to give me a small refund of $6 so I do appreciate that and added a star for their great customer service. Very nice people in terms of customer service!

Hi Nelle,

We are so sorry for failing your expectations and that you have experienced this. We did not hear from you via our support but nonetheless, we thank you for getting this to our attention. Please know that with all the orders we process, our warehouse team ensures that the item is of the best quality we offer before shipping out. So with this, as far as we know we have sent your order in the best condition we have. We hope for your understanding.

Our support team will reach out to you shortly. We hope to be able to give you a solution to your concern. We look forward to your cooperation and response.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu Team

One lid was shattered

One lid was shattered otherwise the set was nice. I spoke to customer service explaining but I did not get a replacement.

Hi Tonia,

Thank you so much for letting us know about this. We checked your last conversation with our support and it seems that our team is still discussing the most suitable solution to your concern. We apologize for the delay in giving you an update about the situation. Nonetheless, we assure you that your problem will be solved and we will help you out.

Our support will reach out to you again soon. We look forward to your response.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your Fashion Chingu Team

Too light

I had to purchase a $25 round brass paperweight disk to glue to it's bottom to make it heavier. But other then that I guess it's okay.

Mini Toast Lamp
Caryn Kuprianczyk
No customer service

I called to try and fix the address in shipping twice. No one called back but I did see the addressed was changed and still wrong. Luckily the mailperson was a smart cookie and pieced together the right address and street name. Wished they would have called back or confirmed in an email after the adjustment.

Hi Caryn,

Thank you for getting this to our attention. Please know that your call was recorded as a voicemail and our team did receive it. Do know that we do not have any live call or chat support at the moment. Only our email support team is handling all the customer assistance we provide. We did email you back about your request to update the shipping address. but we did not hear from you so we thought all is well.

Nonetheless, we are glad that your order was delivered to your place despite your concern. Our support has reached out to you once more, just in case you have other problems that you would like to get our help with. It'll be great to hear back from you soon.

All the best & have a nice day!

Your TOA Team

Tissues don’t fit in this

This box is too small for tissues

Hi Kelly,

So sorry for the inconvenience. Nonetheless, thank you for getting this to our attention. Please know that with all the items that we ship out, our team does quality checking for each one of them. With this, we trust that we have sent you the correct size of the item that we are offering in our shop.

Since you expressed your concern that the tissue doesn't fit in it, our team will contact you to assist you with solving your problem. We look forward to your cooperation.

All the best and have a nice day!

Your TOA Team


It came broken. I’ve tried reaching out to customer Service and for some reason they’re not getting my replies.

Hello Mellany,

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has brought you. Certainly, we would love to resolve your concern and provide you options. We have sent you multiple emails on the email address you have used to send us the photo. Can you please respond to our email?

We do hope to hear from you soon.

Mini Cactus Candle
Natalie Zellmer
Cactus candles

Love love love them. And quick shipping! I ordered from another vendor and those were broken and poorly packaged I saw these and hoped I would get them before a scheduled baby shower. They arrived securely packaged and perfect for my centerpieces !!! Thank you!!!

Retro Violin Decor
Elizabeth Hurd
Graduation decor

The Retro- Violin Decor is the perfect item to add to a graduation party I am having for my granddaughter. She loves to read and write books and she played the violin for a number of years in her school orchestra. It is a great accent piece.

Such a beautiful candle holder, it goes so well with my room

I originally bought it to hold a book, but it feels very good as a display after using it because it gives ambiance. and it is also very consistent with the style of the home~ Satisfied

The material looks very warm. The color is also good-looking, and the shape is very beautiful.

The quality and workmanship of everything are very good ~ the price is also very high 総晶 It is very special to put it at the door as a small decoration hahahaha I like such a personalized thing ・ウ・ウ・ウ

I like it very much. It looks high-end and imported.

So good-looking, just like the picture

It looks good and beautiful