Indie Room Ideas

19. April 2022

Indie Room Ideas

If you like to think of yourself as irrevocably one-in-a-million, chances are the indie aesthetic is perfect for you. It is all about holding on to all those things that make you unique, be that your personality traits, your hobbies, or your favorites across all departments. In fact, there is no one-fits-all for this aesthetic, but we’ll try our best to help you personalize your space.

The magic is in the details, all the quirky elements that help give your room some personality – yours, to be specific. Sometimes that looks more retro, borrowing inspiration from the 60s and 70s. Other times it looks pretty grungy and alternative. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet! Because before we jump into our very best indie room ideas, there’s still plenty to cover…

The Indie Aesthetic

First things first: what is the indie aesthetic? Well, to accurately answer that question would be to say anything that isn’t mainstream. But setting the pretentiousness of “not like the other girls” ideology aside, there are some true-blue principles that can help you sort this question out.

Originally, the indie aesthetic incorporated many of the homonymous music and movie genres’ cultural points. Above all, there is an appreciation for individuality and independence – hence the name. There were two major variants: one that showed a predilection for pastels, and innocent irreverence, straight out of a Wes Anderson movie; the other had darker themes of melancholy and detachment, much like the grunge aesthetic.

The modern resurgence of the indie aesthetic at the start of the pandemic brought a new term to life: Indie Kid. The indie kid is far more in tune with that innocent irreverent style, choosing bright colors over neutral tones and showing an appreciation for the 2000s, skater boy/girl imagery.

Before we get started on our indie room ideas, we want to help you understand how sometimes the loudness of a room can help bring you inner peace. For now, let’s try to gather some more inspiration from funky psychedelic hues, artistic cues, and just the right amount of greenery, naturally.

What is indie aesthetic room decor?

Not that we were trying to spoil it for you, but by now you might have a sneaky suspicion that indie decor isn’t necessarily minimalistic. As you’ll see in just a bit, the way you dress up the walls and empty surfaces in your room is just as important as the way you furnish it.

As a starting point, it’s good to reflect on your interests. Brainstorm a little about what makes you YOU! Whether you are a film aficionado, a music lover, or an aspiring artiste, there will be plenty of decor items you might want to incorporate. Movie postersscenic postcardsrecord covers, and a classic leafy garland are prime examples of what you can hang up.

If you have a flair for the dramatic or a weakness for the vintage, try thrifting for retro objects. Worn-out booksdiner menusart-pop brochures, and others o the sort can make for wonderful quirky accents. You could also take a trip down memory lane with old tech that was once all the rage, such as typewritersrecord players, and polaroid cameras. Find what speaks loudest to your soul and proudly put it on display!

There are more than a few lucky folks who somehow manage to take splendid care of their green pets, but if you don’t see yourself in that description, don’t fret! Plants are pretty cool and incidentally one of the best tricks for interior decor. You can opt for succulentscactiartificial potted plants, or simple plant motifs which you can frame and hung up on the wall or simply set down on any empty space. Bonus points if you manage to sneak some mushroom-themed objects into your space!

And so we reach the long-awaited comprehensive guide to transforming your lovely abode. These indie room ideas are tested and true pieces of advice to completely breathe new life into your safe space. (Because if it isn’t that by now, it surely will be once we’re through here.)

Color Palette

One of the best things about the indie aesthetic style is that it discriminates no colors. In fact the loudest and brightest the better! Some of the most favored tones include pale yellows and greensfun oranges and pinksyellow and violet, just a splash of neon, and about any other that you would find in a 2000s TV show title sequence.


Whenever natural lighting is lacking, you can rely on string lights and any colored LEDs to help keep you illuminated. If you don’t mind springing for it, get yourself a fun rainbow or sunset projector.


We’re sure many would argue that no Indie Kid bedroom is complete without a wonderfully curated collage on the wall – preferably a super colorfulpsychedelic one. Visual stimulation is a must, but if you’re partial to the written word, you can always sneak in a couple of motivational postcards. Hanging green garlands and funky tapestries are also great ways to take up vertical space.


Understandably, not everyone can afford to buy limited editionover-the-topunique pieces of furniture. While thrifting might provide you with an opportunity to purchase something that no one you know owns, it could also turn out to be a dead end. Thankfully, good indie aesthetic room decor can draw attention away from basic furniture. One thing that is fairly simple and affordable is an exposed clothes rack. Line your favorite shoes just below it for good measure, and you’re all set! (Almost, anyways.)


Bedding is a fun topic to get into. There are more than a handful of prints that work great in quirky places. These include black or colored checkerspsychedelic-colored patterns, and natural motifs (although it’s probably best you ditch the basic florals). If you’d like to go that extra mile, get yourself some shaped or printed throw pillows.

Other Decor

When it comes to indie aesthetic decor, the possibilities are truly endless. If you would like to go with the thrifting/retro route, there is no shortage of trinkets and larger items that you can use. If you’re a major film buff, pay tribute to the best of the best. Alternatively, you can build a very personalized alter of memories in the form of postcardspolaroid pictures, and inspirational quotes.

Collections are a great way to sprinkle some “you” in a place. Crystalsbooksrecords, and others are smart ways to fill the space. And if you’d like to go all out, channel the psychedelic 70s, pay homage to spiritual philosophy, make use of the grooviest patterns, and throw in about 100 mushroom images just for good measure.


Not to get too preachy, but we can only hope that you understood that the best indie room ideas are those that reflect your quirky and adorable self. You might want to wander about our shop to hunt for some great additions to your space.

If you’d rather go with a darker vibe, you can always check out our grunge room ideas. But if instead, you’d like to keep it very bright and colorful, our art hoe guide might just be the thing for you.

Happy reads and happy shopping!

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