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“I find that the very things that I get criticized for, which is usually being different and just doing my own thing and just being original, is the very thing that’s making me successful.” 
— Shania Twain


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For those who treasure and embrace their peculiarity and fondness for the old-school atmosphere, the indie aesthetic might be your signature motif. Through this style that is anchored in your own quirky personality and interests, sky’s the limit to channel the perfect indie aesthetic that captures your philosophy. However, we’ll try to show what can make your bedroom scream ‘indie’ with curated indie room decor.
What is the indie aesthetic?
The indie aesthetic gives a strong emphasis on its root words individuality and independence, putting the ‘dare to be different’ motto or slogan into action. This original and edgy motif is derived from indie films and music of the 90s and 2000s, which often displayed relatively dark notes underneath and strayed away from what used to be socially likable. Grunge is also one of the aesthetics associated with indie, but the latter exhibits a milder vibe and puts less stress on counterculture. With that said, there’s a fuzzier or even nonexistent formula to capture the indie aesthetic. The key is to just be original and mix and match your varied tastes however esoteric.

Among newer age groups, though, indie has been linked to bright and saturated hues with groovy patterns, rainbows, and anything childlike; hence, the indie kid aesthetic. On the other hand, the original version of indie relied more on muted hues, grainy Polaroid photos, vinyl records, and anything old-school and unapologetically ‘authentic’ in nature.
What does indie room decor entail?
Depending on the specific motif you will go for, indie room decor can incorporate lots of vintage hues that will flaunt your artistic independence. If you prefer the original old-school route, opt for neutral or faded colors like brown, gray, off-white, and black. On the other hand, if you have a liking for the modern version of indie, which is indie kid, fill your room with vibrant and saturated hues like blue, green, and yellow. Whichever indie path you take, you can always count on grainy patterns and effects to maximize the vintage note of indie.


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Your walls can also be adorned with retro vinyl records, worn-out books and posters, and old book or magazine pages to amplify the old-school atmosphere just like grunge. Again, since indie delves on your individuality, make sure to display some memorable photos, preferably Polaroid ones, of you and your friends and transform them into a collage. Nostalgia is one of the facets of indie, so you should display the things that are much closer to your unique childhood or youth in general.

You can also borrow some features from the psychedelic aesthetic, such as distorted patterns, vivid hues, and of course, mushrooms. Also consider groovy patterns, rainbows, and funky elements to really make your bedroom stand out. While the vintage aesthetic is one of the grassroots of indie, more modern items like cow-print beddings, LED strip lights, fairy lights, and faux vines are highly welcomed. As long as your room unapologetically screams ‘you,’ then you have excellently displayed the indie aesthetic in your place.

Overall, the perfect indie room decor is rooted on your own unique traits, hobbies, or interests. Don’t be afraid to put all the varied things that describe your individuality into one room. What makes your bedroom indie is essentially what makes you ‘you.’
Tips for the perfect indie aesthetic bedroom:

Put up a wall collage of your favorite Polaroid photos, posters, and brochures;
Display retro furniture and/or trinkets from your local thrift shop ;
Show your vinyl records collection as well as albums from the 60s up to 90s;
Expose your wardrobe for visible variety;
Choose either funky or dark grungy colors for your walls, tapestries, and overall motif;
Add a good number of plants to your room for a lively green contrast;
Mix up patterns and textures like boho and cow prints, and velvet and wood, respectively;
Combine old-school decor from other aesthetics even if they may seem contrasting for stronger diversity