Art Hoe Room Ideas

28. February 2022

Art Hoe Room Ideas

You might not know that the art hoe aesthetic is actually founded in a movement. It had its start among the artistic POC communities of Tumblr. But the movement and aesthetic aim to celebrate diversity and does not place limits on inclusivity. So if you’re someone with an inclination for the visual arts and a soft spot for all things natural, then it only makes sense that you’d be on the hunt for some art hoe room ideas.

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The art hoe aesthetic manages to harmonize art and nature while incorporating it into home design. There is still much to be said about this union and decoration inspired by this aesthetic. So make sure to read on and maybe take some notes as you go.

The Art Hoe Aesthetic

Not unlike other popular aesthetics these days, art hoe was created online and quickly gathered attention among the artistic youths of Tumblr. Its founding principles are a love for the visual arts and a wish to stay connected with nature.

These are well illustrated by the most common motifs of the aesthetic. Canvasespalettespaint brushescolored pencilsrainbows, and classic masterpieces represent the artistic side. As for nature, a few motif examples can include floralsvinesbeescacti, and essentially any other biological object you would find outdoors.

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As long as you know what to look out for, you will agree that the art hoe aesthetic is fairly recognizable. We might have given away a few hints of what you will find among our art hoe room ideas, but before we get to that, let’s make sure you understand a little bit more of how the aesthetic plays into interior design.

What is art hoe room decor?

Think back to art class in elementary school. One of the first things we learn is the three primary colors: yellowred, and blue. If these are the building stone for all colors, it’s only natural that the art hoe aesthetic pays homage to these the most. 

Yet, just like with art, all colors are welcome and appreciated. And of course, green is another great standout, as it is the color of life and the most common one in nature. You could also expect to see walls kept neutral, painted white or beige as if a canvas for all the art that will be featured there.

Art hoe aficionados like to hang up polaroids and photocardsartistic postcardssketches, and any other forms of visual representation. These also typically depict literature, cinema, and art references. Music is just as appreciated as classical art, so some may choose to put up band posters and record album covers.

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Just like mentioned before, representations of the outdoors are very prevalent. Art hoes tend to double as proud plant parents, and those less capable of keeping a plant alive can also go with miniature succulents or cacti. And while not necessarily in the literal sense of the word, flowers are also very popular, especially sunflowers and daisies.

An art hoe aesthetic bedroom should feel like a warm embrace, like a sunset in summer. But worry not because right up next we’ll dive into the best art hoe room ideas to make sure you have everything you’ll need to customize your space to your liking.

Art Hoe Room Ideas

Now that we’ve covered all the bases, it’s time for what you came here to know. Below we’ve gathered our very best tips to make sure you truly understand the assignment. Here are our art hoe room ideas:

Color Palette

The quintessential color palette for the art hoe aesthetic is made up of the three primary colors (yellow, red, and blue), with green making an appearance to symbolize nature. Granted, any colors of the rainbow are fair game. But what’s really worth remembering is that the lighter you keep your wall, the more every other color in the room will pop.


When it comes to lighting, you want to keep the atmosphere very warm. If your room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you can make use of yellow fairy lights or even LEDs. Candles are also a great option – no light is warmer than the one emanated from an actual flame.


Just like with the walls, white and light wooden furniture are always a safe bet. You can always get creative and renovate thrifted woody pieces, by either scraping them down to their original state or painting them in a fun color, like blue or yellow. Maybe even personalize further by adding your own art to it.

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For bedding, there are a lot of options. You can either stick with the natural theme and find a floral set or combine some plain white sheets with a colored blanket. If the overall look is too bland, make use of graphic or embroidered pillows.

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Other Decor

When paying homage to two massive themes such as nature and art, there is definitely a lot of wiggle room for decor – and it’s very hard to not end up with an interesting room. The more you add to it, the better. And decorating always provides a great opportunity for customization and having the things you like and are interested in on display.

There’s a lot that you can do to fill the empty space on your walls. Polaroid picturesartistic and musical posterssketchesleafy garlandslandscape picturesastrological tapestries, and botanical prints. The sky is the limit! Play around with whichever float your boat and come up with your unique, incredible layout.

Bring nature indoors by having just the right amount of potted plants around. And if that’s more responsibility than you’d like, you can always rely on artificial flowerssucculentscacti, and any other alternatives you may find that require little to no upkeeping. Along with these, take pride in your art and your hobbies by using artistic objects as decor. These can be paintbrushescanvasessketch dollsmusic instrumentsembroidery hoops, and whatever else you think might bring joy to you.

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Art Hoe Aesthetic F.A.Q

What does “art hoe” mean?

Essentially, an art hoe is an artistic person who also happens to have a fond appreciation of nature. These are generally chill and open-minded folks who enjoy colorful spaces and sunny dispositions.

What is the art hoe aesthetic?

The art hoe aesthetic is based on a love for artistic displays, an extraordinary connection to nature, and an appreciation for painting and plants. Like most modern aesthetics, it originated online among young creative communities.


And there you have it! An in-depth look into the incredible art hoe aesthetic as it pertains to home decor. We can only hope you found the inspiration you needed to help your bedroom achieve its much-deserved glow-up. Check out our dedicated art hoe shop to find some items that might come in handy in your redecoration project.

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