Cottagecore Room Ideas

08. December 2021

Cottagecore Room Ideas

Through cobblestone villages and vivid green pastures, you’ll discover the essence of the cottagecore aesthetic. This trend is heavily grounded in the appreciation for nature and the tranquility of the rural lifestyle. It is also often related to menial tasks turned hobbies, such as baking, gardening, and embroidery.

As the name may suggest, this aesthetic romanticizes cottage living. But one doesn’t need to take up residence in the English countryside to channel that simplicity to their home. As we delve into the details of the cottagecore aesthetic, you’ll find how to bring its visuals into your own home.

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Before we share our best cottagecore room ideas, let’s first go over why the notion of living in harmony with nature is so appealing to many. And ultimately, what cottagecore room decor typically entails.

The Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore pays tribute to the simple life in charming countryside lands. It is deeply rooted in a self-sufficient lifestyle, which in turn entails activities such as foraging, gardening, baking, sewing, and home-keeping in general. There is a great appreciation for nature of course, along with botany, animals, and scenic landscapes.

It opposes the modern need for technology on all fronts, as cottagecore enthusiasts have an inclination for older ways of life. Letter and poem writing, reading, painting and drawing, as well as handicraft pursuits are quite popular.

When it comes to recurrent visuals, farmhouse themes and depictions are the best representations of the cottagecore aesthetic. This includes linen textiles, exposed stone and wooden beams, framed embroidered works, and various knickknacks.

Literature is seen as a therapeutic escape, with books also serving as sources for independent learning. Images of natural motifs such as strawberries, mushrooms, and florals are common visual representations.

All in all, cottagecore seeks to provide a sense of comfort and even adventure through a domestic lifestyle. It’s a means to a peaceful existence, that in many ways contradicts the commotion of modern society.

What is Cottagecore design?

Soon enough we’ll provide a comprehensive run-through of our cottagecore room ideas. But before, let’s all get better acquainted with the ins and out of cottagecore design and decor.

Seeing as the aesthetic is equally celebratory of activities and visual themes, you can utilize many functional items as decoration. For instance, a tea party would not be complete with a fine china tea set, a charming linen or gingham tablecloth, and a floral table arrangement.

Another old-fashioned pastime that is highly favored is sewing, so knitting kits, thread, yarns, and woven baskets are often on display. Also vintage sewing machines and even spinning wheels.

There is a great appreciation for things that you may find in your grandparents’ house. Besides antique furniture and framed sepia pictures, many types of mismatched clutter help create the cozy and carefree atmosphere that is idealized in cottagecore. Somehow, there always seems to be a cohesiveness in the variety of items that serve as decoration, with the color palette being quite limited and the same nature-inspired motifs being featured.

A common photographic subject is animals, especially those that are widely considered to be ‘cute’ or reminiscing of the country scenery. Cats, rabbits, sheep, butterflies, foxes, and frogs are a few examples.

Food is also a channel for the cozy ambiance of the aesthetic, correlated to the romanticized labor associated with making it. On one hand, there are foraged harvests, such as mushrooms, berries, and seasonal fruits. On the other, there are baked goods, sweet desserts, and the making of jams and other produce conserves. These activities celebrate Mother Earth’s bounty and bring joy and comfort to those who practice them.

In the next section, we’ll finally gather all these elements that make up the aesthetic’s visuals and finally offer up detailed cottagecore room ideas. From the ceilings down the floorboards, every nook and cranny can be utilized to create this nature-inspired tranquil atmosphere.

Cottagecore Room Ideas

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves a bit more with the cottagecore aesthetic and associated visuals, we can discuss cottagecore room ideas. Hopefully, this general guide will prove useful in bringing that serene vibe into your home.

If you want a short summary, in the following video you can get a quick idea of how to decorate your cottagecore room easily, what to consider & what typical decor elements are.

Color Palette

Borrow light neutrals from typical farmhouse interiors for your backgrounds, such as white, cream, and beige tones. Woody browns, floral pastels, and foliage greens are also great for setting this cozy mood. But any other colors that you would ordinarily find in a meadow are equally welcome, as well.


This aesthetic thrives with natural light. But should you not have any large windows in your room, you can always make use of vintage lamps, candelabras, and even fairy lights. The goal here is to have the room feel warm as if it was perpetually spring or fall.


Keeping on theme with the grandparent style, antique and vintage furniture works the best for the cottagecore aesthetic. Metal or engraved wood bed frames, windowed cabinets, rustic dressers, rocking chairs, and tall bookshelves are a few examples of that. A handheld mirror or even a vanity will be more on-brand than the average full-length.


When it comes to bedding, you can get quite inventive. Plain-colored or floral-patterned sheets are the most popular. Crocheted and woolen throws can add ambiance while making the bed a bit warmer. And the more pillows the better! (Bonus points if these are embroidered.)


The typical cottage doesn’t have carpeted floors, which means light-colored or woven rugs are a must. You could also go with natural patterns or meadow colors, like green, soft orange, or rosy pink. When it comes to filling up vacant space, potted plants, weave baskets, and wooden stools are great options.


Porcelain windowed cabinets and exposed bookshelves are a great way to occupy vertical space. You may also frame handwritten letters, embroidered works, and painted pictures. A functional idea would be to have a hanging rack, on which you can set your petticoats, scarves, and gathering bags.

Other Accessories

In cottagecore room decor, nature motifs are the most prevailing images. From seasonal harvests to embroidery and painted images, there should be plenty of animal, plant, and flower themes scattered around.

You may also decorate with items related to cottagecore activities, such as sewing objects, teacups, candle holders, letter envelopes, and art supplies. Another idea is to customize floral arrangements and frame dried leaves or flowers. Botanical prints are also quite favored.

Cottagecore Room Decor F.A.Q

What is the cottagecore theme?

In a nutshell, cottagecore is heavily inspired by nature motifs, such as animals, plants, and flowers. It pays homage to the simplistic rural lifestyle and romanticizes menial domestic tasks such as baking, sewing, and gardening.

What should be in a cottagecore room?

Farmhouse interiors work best for the cottagecore aesthetic. Light colors, vintage furniture, wooden accents, linens. And equally as important are the nods to nature, be it through flower arrangements, embroidered depictions of animals, or botanical prints.

How do I make my room cottagecore?

Gingham, florals, tea sets, quilts, house plants, candlesticks, handwritten letters, and watercolor paintings. You can pick and choose what to bring into your room, just as long as a romanticization of agricultural life is noticeable. And of course, you can always use our cottagecore room ideas as reference.


We hope our tips will be helpful with decorating your room in true cottagecore fashion. You can shop Cottagecore room decor on our website and if there’s anything you cannot find, leave it down in the comments and we’ll look into it. Also, check out new post on Goblincore room ideas, for a darker twist on a nature-based aesthetic.

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