Goblincore Room Ideas

16. December 2021

Goblincore Room Ideas

There is much beauty to be found in the most unappreciated things. One only has to really look in order to find it. And the goblincore aesthetic relies heavily upon precisely that: loving the ‘ugliness’ in nature. From toads, moths and snails to moss, mud, and fungi. The goblin itself leads a carefree lifestyle that pays homage to the dubious charms of the forest.

As the name may give away, this aesthetic takes inspiration from the myth of the goblin. In most depictions, this creature is painted as a mischievous, magical being. It strays from the notions of purity that most fairytale characters often represent, and instead relies more on the obscure, not necessarily touching on evil. And weirdly, they are very fascinated with shiny objects, often collecting trinkets and crystals to complement their treasured collections.

Soon we will share with you our very best goblincore room ideas. But before that, let’s delve further into this intriguing aesthetic. There has to be much more than what meets the eye, for so many to seek refuge in this aesthetic. And rest assured that we will give more than enough goblincore room decor examples to help transform your home into the coziest nook you can retreat to when the outside world becomes too much.

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The Goblincore Aesthetic

Goblincore is a tribute to the unappreciated aspects of nature, be it animals, plants, or weather conditions. Instead of romanticizing harvests and domestic hobbies as cottagecore does, this aesthetic celebrates rainy days and natural items that serve no particular purpose. Its most common motifs include mushrooms, mossy rocks, slimy creatures, and any small object that shines.

The most contemplated activities include exploring, scavenging, and collecting. It’s in the nature of the goblin to obsess over found items, be those coins, stones, acorns, or feathers. And all these scavenged items become of great personal value to their owner. So one can argue that besides finding the beauty in these seemingly uninteresting items, goblincore enthusiasts embrace it and treat their collections as a precious treasure.

The very specific type of beauty encaptured by this aesthetic carries incredibly curious connotations. For instance, the untamed predisposition of the goblin can be representative of the rejection of beauty standards and gender norms. As goblins explore, driven by curiosity and a thirst to seek more, they embrace the chaos and the ugly, which allows for a deeper connection not only to nature but also to the human condition.

On another level, there is an obvious nod to the magical realm. In many ways, goblincore is deeply associated with herbology and spirituality. Although not all depictions of the goblin are tied with magic, a fascination with witchcraft is heavily implied, so it’s only expectable that witchy items often feature in goblincore room decor.

What is goblincore decor?

Now that you are better enlightened about the aesthetic, let’s find out what goblincore decor entails. From its most adored motifs to interior design and decoration favorites. This section will serve as the perfect segway to our goblincore room ideas and will undoubtedly help you further customize your space.

One of the best advantages to this style of decor is that organized chaos is very much welcome. So if you’re someone who isn’t fazed by clutter and loathes unused space, this is definitely the trend for you. Shelves and mantels filled with crystals, vials of herbs and pebbles, and even decorative bones (real or otherwise) are quite prevalent.

There is great admiration for underappreciated animals, such as toads, snails and moths, as well as natural elements that aren’t usually depicted as ‘beautiful’ or ‘alluring’, like moss and rocks. These are not only common photographic subjects but also often exhibited through art prints, ceramics, and (in the case of moths) framed preservations. Although not so popular, terrariums do also sometimes feature in goblincore decor.

One of the easiest ways to invite the earthiness of the aesthetic is through scent. Fragrant candles may be an obvious choice, but not all outdoorsy smells will do. Some goblincore enthusiasts do make it a point to bring home some moss. If you’d rather rely on more conventional methods, pick scents that prioritize notes of musk, dirt, patchouli, and cooking spices, like cinnamon.  

As we make our way into our goblincore room ideas, keep in mind that out of all the elements we’ve talked about so far and will continue to, you don’t have to include any that you aren’t particularly happy with. One of the fundamentals of this wonderfully quirky aesthetic is that despite there being a lot of clutter, everything must feel personal to you.

Goblincore Room Ideas

As we are now better acquainted with the goblincore aesthetic and the visuals associated with it, it’s time to plan your redecoration project. And to assist you with that, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with the best goblincore room ideas we could come up with.

Color Palette

The goblincore color palette borrows exclusively from woodland tones. Forest greens, earthy browns, rusty reds, and neutrals are the most prevalent. These are meant to help create a dark and moody environment.


Although the goblincore aesthetic may be quite gritty and dark, reflective light plays a big role. This can be achieved through the ‘shinies’, or in other words, small objects that glint, even crystals. And like most other aesthetics, the use of fairy lights or candles isn’t entirely uncommon either.


When it comes to furniture, keeping with the scavenging theme is key. Thrifted and antiques work best for this. Prioritize rustic woods and metal-framed pieces over acrylic. Bookshelves, apothecary drawer chests, and steamer trunks are some of the most quintessential goblincore objects.


Some of the most obvious choices for goblincore-inspired bedding would be to stick to the color palette of forest greens and earthy browns. Thick quilts and matching pillows can also help create a cozier atmosphere.


With herbology and spiritualism being two of the most contemplated study subjects, botanical prints and tapestries can serve to adorn walls. Ivy and other leafy garlands, along with string lights, can be hung up as well as woven into shelves, bookcases, and desks.

Other Accessories

In goblincore room decor, there is nothing more imperative than channeling the visuals of the forest. Natural visual representations can only do so much. If you’re able, try to bring in as many plants as you can, such as framed dried leavestwiggy wreaths, or terrariums.

The most treasured belongings of the goblin figure are its collections. Crystalsrocksbonesfeathers, and jewelry, and other small trinkets are a few examples of what can be featured on your shelves. Ceramic and metal models of toads, mushrooms, and snails are also common decoration pieces. 

Goblincore Room Decor F.A.Q

What is Goblincore?

Goblincore pays homage to the underappreciated elements of nature, such as moss, mushrooms, toads, moths, etc. The goblin creature is said to be infatuated with ugly natural motifs and shiny objects. It is also described as a carefree being, mirroring the state of mind that fans of the aesthetic wish to convey.

What is the difference between Cottagecore and Goblincore?

Both aesthetics are deeply rooted in natural elements. While cottagecore romanticizes the rural lifestyle, goblincore has more to do with the ‘ugliness’ of nature.

Do goblins like shiny things?

Most depictions of goblins in literature and entertainment do show a predisposition to become distracted over shiny things. It is said that goblins enjoy collecting various trinkets, especially those which reflect light, such as coins, gold, and jewelry.


We hope our guide has answered all the questions you had about Goblincore and decorating with the aesthetic in mind. You’re more than welcome to visit our dedicated shop to look for items that might help you achieve the aesthetic. You can also check out our previous posts on Cottagecore and Dark Academia-inspired room decor ideas.

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