Light Academia Room Ideas

08. June 2022

Light Academia Room Ideas

College and general studies have never looked so romantic until we knew about the light academia aesthetic. As a motif marked by its visibly positive approach toward liberal arts and collegiate life, light academia is the aesthetic for those who yearn for knowledge with regard to art, music, literature, and history. And if you also love antiquity and lighter vintage palettes, then we’re even more certain that the light academia aesthetic would best define your style.

Surprisingly, the key to appearing classy and erudite is not only your wardrobe or your practices but also the dedicated elements that fill and define your personal space. Be that a spinning globe, an hourglass, or a collection of Shakespeare’s works, we’re here to help you channel light academia perfectly.

Read on to discover more about the light academia aesthetic and some of the light academia room ideas to help you get started on your room makeover. Here, you will learn how to transform your bedroom into a scholar’s paradise!

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The Light Academia Aesthetic

As you might have guessed from its name, the light academia aesthetic dwells on light and optimistic take on academic endeavors, inspired by the visuals of old collegiate life in the West. Across all media, this scholarly aesthetic makes use of light, pastel, or earthy vintage hues to deliver a positive yet elegant vibe, unlike its more chaotic and gloomier counterpart dark academia.

Like the rest of other academia-inspired aesthetics, light academia is marked by a lasting love for learning, self-discovery, and liberal education. Erudition and enlightenment constitute the scholarly elegance of light academia.

The light academia aesthetic is best characterized by the visual elements from the Victorian, Baroque, Renaissance, and other 18th century motifs from Europe. Historical churches, libraries, castles, museums, and of course, universities, define the typical setting of this aesthetic. In particular, high ceilings, long corridors, and pillars are the common architectural finishes associated with light academia.

By practice, dedicated enthusiasts of light academia dress preppily and while away their time through thought-provoking or enlightening hobbies. Pursuits that involve literature, art, music, history, and learning are the essence of being an academic to channel the aesthetic. For example, learning French or Latin, admiring Classical or Renaissance art, and listening to the masterpieces of Mozart and Beethoven make up a light academia routine.

With that said, some of the most prominent features of light academia include marble figurines, gilded paintings, and old-fashioned writing tools. Pressed dried flowers in a journal and wax-sealed correspondences are some of the more specific examples of the faint old-school touch. Definitely, any academia wouldn’t be complete without a stack of thick hardcover books dating to the previous centuries

What is Light Academia Aesthetic Room Decor?

While light academia has a distinctive emphasis on books and other scholastic features, it also shares a lot of its defining qualities with other aesthetics like ethereal, cottagecore, and most importantly, vintage. Light academia room decor is an attractive miscellany of various items that collectively exude erudition and elegance, all while honoring the art and practice of 18th to early 20th-century Europe.

With that said, light academia is essentially comprised of antiquated hardcover books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, and novels. Scholastic resources like fountain or quill pens, ink, journals, globes, and maps are also a common sight on a light academia enthusiast’s study desk.

For elegant and artistic touches, there are also gilded mirrors, marble bust figurines, intricate tea sets, and antique portraits that constitute a light academia room. Any form of art that pays homage to the Renaissance and other similar periods in the West is an item worthy of being displayed in your own place.

With the aesthetic’s emphasis on liberal arts, there are countless old-fashioned tools and equipment that you can place in your room. A violin or a grand piano, if permissible, will exhibit how much of a musically-inclined scholar you are, while an easel, canvas, and paintbrushes will showcase your creativity in visual arts. Typewriters, stamps, and other calligraphy tools will display your penchant for writing letters.

To enliven your space, dried flowers are the perfect ornament that you can also use to decorate your letters. Nonetheless, white roses and green leafy potted plants can also make your place a little more fresh and inviting.

Again, light academia room decor can be summarized as any item that is light, elegant, scholarly, antique, or all at once. Sure, it may have a significant reliance on old-money elements like classical artworks and golden items. Still, many have effortlessly displayed light academia just with the right hues, patterns, and old items.

Color Palette

There’s no question that light academia is mainly comprised of hues on the lighter end of the spectrum. The scholarly, elegant, and vintage colors that define the aesthetic include faded or neutral tones like cream, beige, and white. At the same time, almost all shades of brown are highly welcomed for that antique look. If possible, you can also rely on gold to accent some parts of your bedroom, making it look more refined.

However, do not let these typical light academia hues restrict you from exploring other light colors. In moderation, pastels like powder blue, baby pink, and sage green will add a cute and feminine touch to your room while still looking scholarly. You can always go back to the said neutrals to balance your bedroom’s palette.


Undoubtedly, abundant natural lighting is the best route to justify light academia. You can keep your windows open during the daytime and let warm sunlight illuminate your room. For artificial lighting, a fancy hanging chandelier would be the best option. However, you can also make use of candles with a candelabrum or a gold lamp. Just remember that in order to give your room that 18th-century atmosphere, you should opt for warm or yellowish lighting.


Vintage wainscoted walls will look best in a light academia-inspired bedroom. However, a blank wall colored in a neutral hue would make an excellent canvas for wooden picture frames, gilded paintings, sepia pictures, and torn textbook pages. Old and faded postcards, brochures, and sketches will also contribute to your dedicated collage. As earlier said, you may want to keep the palette all neutral for the antique look straight out of an old trunk in your attic.


For an esteemed scholar and fan of literature, a bookshelf should be the most important piece of furniture in your room (second to your bed, of course). For this and the rest of your furniture, you should choose wooden materials like oak and walnut, combined with subtle gold accents.

Wrought iron is also a great alternative that’s equally sturdy and stylish. You can use this for an open clothes rack that displays your preppy outfits in nearly autumn shades. Last but not the least, don’t forget a desk for all your college study sessions. A roomy vintage table and an upholstered chair would make a great combination.


In terms of your bed covers, the safest way for your bed to still exhibit the beauty of light academia is to incorporate solid neutrals as always. White, brown, or cream linen sheets and pillow covers would best materialize this concept. If you want something that has more details, you can opt for pillow covers with frills or ruffles at the edges and use old-school plaid and woven patterns. Feel free to include other fabrics like wool and cotton, especially when seasons change.

Other Decor

Our light academia room ideas would not be complete without some fancy trinkets that will show your appreciation for liberal arts. Again, books would best symbolize your love for knowledge and literature. Still, globes, hourglasses, telescopes, journals, magnifying glasses, and calligraphy tools can help you amplify the academia part of the aesthetic.

Furthermore, you can fill your desk with a bunch of sepia notes, wax stamps, quill pens, and white marble-like figurines of your admired philosophers. Grandfather clocks featuring roman numerals, gilded mirrors, antique tea sets, golden candelabra, and ceramic vases with dried flowers are also elegant touches.

If you still have more space left, you can display a gramophone, typewriter, and other old-fashioned equipment. Display your inclination for creative pursuits with framed paintings, easels, and classic musical instruments. As long as there’s an interesting item that exhibits your love for learning and discovery, then feel free to pride in it by displaying it in your room.


All in all, we hope you’ve gained enough knowledge (pun intended) from these light academia room ideas to finally make the room of your dreams! Let us know if we missed any crucial details that define the scholarly concept of light academia. You can also visit our dedicated light academia room decor shop for aesthetic trinkets, like a bust figurine or a baroque clock, that you can display in your little space.

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Thanks for reading and happy shopping!