Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

19. May 2022

Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

For the young folks out there, the word ‘aesthetic’ might have flooded your social media feeds with a bunch of varied motifs that bleed youth’s creativity and appreciation for the arts. From trendy outfits to gratifying hobbies, we don’t fail to express our interests through the things that constitute our culturally rich lifestyles. Of course, one of the most common media we present our artistic flairs is our bedroom interiors. We get really meticulous when it comes to our beddings, wall decor, furniture, and other features just to define our own idea of comfort.

But what if you’re not exactly sure of where to begin? Sure, you might know what classifies as cozy or not. However, finding the perfect aesthetic that would reflect your quirky personality is surely difficult. If you still want your room to exhibit that certain pizzazz, we’re here to help you get started!

Through this post, get to know what an aesthetic bedroom looks like, a number of particular aesthetics you could explore, and some of the most trendy aesthetic bedroom ideas to cop!

What is an Aesthetic Bedroom?

First things first, an aesthetically pleasing bedroom is not defined by a uniform palette, mood, and elements. There are a lot of ways to describe what an aesthetic bedroom looks like, and it all boils down to your preference. For example, there’s spacecore for aspiring astronauts, dark academia for the fans of classic literature, and grunge for edgy teenagers with a penchant for rock music. There’s also ethereal for that fancy and heavenly atmosphere and vaporwave for the nostalgic technology and neon-colored ambiance of the 90s. No matter how contrasting, all of these are aesthetics for different kinds of people.

Nonetheless, we commonly associate an aesthetic bedroom with one that’s really dedicated to one signature style. It also usually prioritizes design over function (Minimalism and utilitarian design are some exceptions for this). Moreover, an aesthetic bedroom lets you enjoy a comfortable place that opposes the disorganization of the outside world. And it proves that there’s more to a bedroom than being a nice place to sleep in.

The bottom line is that you have to know for yourself the mood you want for your bedroom. Aesthetics are highly personalized and you ultimately decide what counts as an aesthetic bedroom to you. If uncertain, you can view our blog for the most popular aesthetics and find one that’s suited to your taste.

Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas

If you think that you have yet to find the perfect aesthetic that speaks your soul, fret not! You can still transform your bedroom into a visually pleasing abode that also gives high regard for comfort. With that said, you can count on these 10 aesthetic bedroom ideas to give your room a much-needed and guaranteed spin!

Hang up Neon LED Signages

For dramatic and futuristic lighting, the vaporwave aesthetic lets you borrow its signature neon LED wall signages and even LED strip lights. If you frequent social media platforms like TikTok, you would commonly find this type of lighting among teenage influencers’ bedrooms to give that retro and baddie vibe. While you can have neon signs customized to your liking, there are also lots of universal designs ranging from quotes, shapes, and icons in various bright hues to fit your personal motif.

Neon LED lighting favors dim rooms that barely rely on natural light. If you want to delve deeper into other decor associated with this style, then you can also check out our posts on indie and spacecore room ideas other than the aesthetics mentioned earlier. Browse our neon lights section for more aesthetic lights like this!

Add Fairy or Pixie Lights

Prefer something that’s more faint and dainty? Then you can rely on fairy or pixie lights to brighten your cozy bedroom. Unlike glowing neon signs, this type of lighting uses much less brightness and even in smaller and dispersed amounts, giving a calm and delicate atmosphere. You can let these hang vertically on your curtains or horizontally and loosely on your wall. The strings can also be used to display Polaroid photos by attaching them with wooden clips. With their versatility, fairy lights can also be spread on the floor for decorative purposes (Just make sure that you won’t trip over them and that they won’t be a hazard.)

The aesthetics that heavily rely on this lighting are goblincore and cottagecore as dispersed fairy lights somehow resemble fireflies, but even baddie and ethereal styles use it. If you want more hanging light strips like this one, then you can view our chain of lights section.

Decorate with Plant Strips or Vines

Whether you want to turn your room into a jungle or not, faux plant strips or vines make the perfect hanging decor to get a little closer to nature. The rich green hues will give any room an attractive contrast, especially if it relies more on neutral colors. However, even bedrooms with a mishmash of opposing shades also look cozier with artificial vines like these. They also pair well with fairy lights for that natural outdoor ambiance during the night.

As you might have guessed, the cottagecore and goblincore aesthetics make the best use of plant strips or vines. However, they are also versatile in that they can fit even in indie-inspired bedrooms.

Fill the Room with Artificial Plants

If artificial vines are not enough for you, we totally understand your dreams of living in a modern jungle. You also don’t have to be an ultimate green thumb as artificial plants are here to turn your room into a lovely greenhouse. Hanging plants, tabletop flowers on a vase, and potted plants placed in a corner will fill your room with various earthly shades that are easy on the eyes. If you really want to try your luck on being a plant parent, though, we recommend getting succulents and other indoor plants that are low maintenance.

You would often find goblincore, cottagecore, and vintage aesthetics displaying various kinds of plants and colorful flowers in old-school pots or vases. Of course, even modern styles like minimalism may incorporate plants, especially artificial Monstera and String of Hearts. If you want to display more plants like these as trinkets, go ahead and browse our artificial plants section.

Hang an Artistic Tapestry

Like traditional paintings, hanging textile arts like tapestries would enliven a plain wall with large and detailed illustrations. Unlike posters and picture frames, tapestries are a less popular yet equally fantastic decor to express your inner artist. Whether you’re into Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, or Pablo Picasso, you can explore your artistic preferences and even find other styles that incorporate bohemian prints, zodiac signs, stars, and other designs.

Since tapestries are just as general as artworks, there are numerous aesthetics that use this type of decor. Nonetheless, the art hoe aesthetic takes pride in creative tapestries that express its love for visual arts. You can check out our tapestries section for more expressive pieces.

Stick on Vinyl Records and Retro Wall Decor

Thinking that your soul bleeds retro? Then vinyl records are the ideal decor to nail that funky vintage atmosphere in your bedroom. You can let anyone know your music taste by displaying the pop hits from the 90s through vinyl records, album covers, and other retro elements. Old-school diner signages and picture frames would also add a sense of nostalgia to your room’s overall aesthetic. Moreover, if you have a signed album or poster from your favorite band, it’s also the perfect time to flaunt them!

Of course, vinyl records and other retro wall decors would fall under the vintage aesthetic, specifically indie and grunge. However, even the vaporwave aesthetic thrives on these old-school discs. You can browse more of our retro decorations here.

Display a Table Mirror

Any beautiful yet functional room would feature a timeless table mirror, suitable for your vanity or your bedside. For some reason, a small table or handheld mirror adds a note of femininity to any bedroom. Moreover, however big or small, mirrors reflect light to somehow brighten a room and produce the illusion of a bigger space. Of course, that means that you can also display full-length mirrors to make your humble space look a little more roomy. There are also a bunch of mirror designs that fit various aesthetics. If in doubt, always resort to a simpler one in a silver finish!

Mirrors fit in almost every aesthetic, so there’s no question that it’s something you wouldn’t have much trouble placing in your room. If you want a mirror that seems customized to your own motif, though, you can check out our mirrors section for a variety of pieces.

Decorate the Wall with Stickers, Photos, Posters, and Paintings

For the maximalist, you can freely express yourself using your own blank wall as your canvas with a collection of stationery stickers, photos, posters, paintings, and the like. You can make a collage or even fill your wall with memorable Polaroid photos, inspirational quotes, stock images from Pinterest, band posters, magazine pages–basically anything that you think fits your personality. After all, these wall decorations might be the first impression of anyone who walks into your room about you. With that, make sure to pour your heart into making it authentically you!

If you like being this dedicated and expressive, perhaps the art hoe or indie aesthetic will be your perfect motif. You can view more stationery stickers and other decors on our stickers page. There’s also a dedicated section for picture frames so you can display your images in style.

Warm the Floor with Textured Rugs

Textured rugs will be your room’s best friend during cold nights and even in making your floor a little fancier. Truth be told, floors might be the least prioritized part of a room when it comes to decorating. With that said, you can be bold and incorporate different kinds of mats and rugs to fill up your floor space, especially if it looks too plain. Plain rugs made with faux fur would emit that baddie vibe in your room, while floral ones would favor a vintage or cottagecore ambiance.

Rugs or mats are a highly versatile decor, so again, almost any aesthetic will benefit from having these warm objects on the floor. You can go ahead and browse our area rugs section to find that perfect piece that fits your bedroom taste!

Install a Cozy Bed Canopy

Who doesn’t want to sleep like a princess? Or a baby, perhaps? Thin bed canopies are both stylish and functional to give your plain bed a spin while protecting you from insects at night. It also occupies a good amount of vertical space, which is ideal if you have a high ceiling or a blank wall. Bed canopies will give that old-money or vintage elegance to your room, especially when paired with a four-poster bed. Fret not, though, as a bed frame without a headboard will still look dainty and cozy with a hanging canopy.

Bed canopies fit under ethereal, vintage (depending on how vintage), and cottagecore aesthetics. To maximize the look of your bed, you can match it with printed bed linen and pillowcases. Browse our selection of bed linen and pillows to make your bed as cozy as possible!


With all these aesthetic bedroom ideas, we hope you’ve already gotten a few of these classics to implement in your own bedroom! If you think you’re still lacking on specific motifs, then you can hop on to our aesthetic room ideas section for a more comprehensive dive on various aesthetics. As always, this is just a guide and we recommend that you rely more on what you think will make your room express your identity.

For another set of general aesthetic bedroom ideas, you can read our post on aesthetic wall ideas to turn your blank wall into a fantastic canvas!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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